18 things we’ve learnt about the marketing and communications industry

18 things we’ve learnt about the marketing and communications industry

Like all things in life, the marketing and communications industry is constantly evolving. Back in the days of ancient Greece, Heraclitus observed, “Change is the only constant.” Nothing’s changed since then.  Our agency, Flow Communications, has just turned 18 years old, so we figured it’s the perfect time to reflect

Seven sales tips to enhance your business

By Roy Barford, head of business development at Flow Communications 1. Put relationships before everything else The lifetime value of each customer/potential customer you have is massive, when you consider what a multi-year relationship could bring in terms of revenue and referrals. This is, however, dependent on establishing and maintaining


Will ChatGPT replace our jobs?

By Richard Frank, CTO of Flow Communications Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot system ChatGPT is generating poems, articles and songs, and is writing code and social media campaign ideas in mere seconds, setting the world alight with questions and concerns.  Creative professionals are asking: are we in danger of losing our jobs

Public Relation trends

5 Public Relation trends for 2023

Public Relation trends, the buzzword for 2023 when it comes to communications, marketing and public pelation trends (PR) is artificial intelligence (AI) and it seems that everyone is talking about ChatGPT, its benefits and threats. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of AI tools already available online –

Web3: a revolution – or a ‘marketing buzzword’?

By Grant McMullin, technical team lead, Flow Communications The internet is an ever-evolving beast and we’re now into what is seen as its third major iteration: Web3. But what does this mean, and what impact will it have on our lives? Grant McMullin, the technical team lead at Flow Communications

UX/UI design

UX/UI design: 10 simple steps to building a winning website

By Cara Wares and Lizette Sutherland  You’ve probably heard of the terms UX and UI before, but what do they mean and why are they important for successful digital product and website development? Our team at Flow Communications has some answers for you.  The whole experience a user has with a company’s